Summer Art Class

Since we do not seem to be able to fit in all of the fun extracurricular subjects like art in our daily school lives through the year, I wanted to spend some time being creative with the kids this summer.

Orange flower

But, private art lessons are very expensive, and I had two extra kids with us this summer to entertain. Fortunately, I was introduced to an on-line art class called Celebrate Summer through Sarah over at amongstlovelythings. I was hesitant to pay $60 for a product that I was unfamiliar with, but I am so thankful that I heeded her advice and participated. The kids and I have created some beautiful pieces of artwork that are displayed in our school space!

art wall

The interchangeable art wall in our office.

Once you enroll in the class, you have lifetime access to the videos. There were 4-6 different mixed media projects each week, and we did not get to them all, yet. They were easy to follow with clear instructions. Plus, if you need to slow down, you can simply hit the pause button. I even did some of my own creating with the kids! I will be checking out more of Alisha’s art workshops for the different seasons, and if you want to make a wise investment, I would highly recommend this product. Here is a sampling of our art time!


They love to use modpodge!

WP_20150619_038    WP_20150619_036   WP_20150619_026


We used wood blocks for our canvases that were primed with white gesso first. Then, we wrapped the sunflower painting around the wood. They made nice gifts for grandparents!

130807756871294617         WP_20150707_003          WP_20150721_001

WP_20150806_004      WP_20150806_005