In preparation for planting my vegetable garden, I picked up More Food From Small Spaces by Margaret Park from the library. I have two small raised beds that I normally plant 5 or 6 different veggies in, but they did not all fair well last year. So, I am doing some research on companion planting, vertical gardens, and proper spacing of plants to see if I can be more successful this year. This book has been very helpful. I bought my first seeds the other day and am looking forward to growing tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, lettuce, and corn. I have not had the best experience in growing corn, but the kids and I love to see the tall stalks growing in the garden. It is ornamental and makes me smile, so I will keep trying. I did harvest a few delicious cobs that I used in making salsa and other salads, so it wasn’t a total waste.

I liked the idea of constructing a simple seed planting grid with twine to help maximize space and keep things spaced at the proper intervals. It shows which plants work well next to each other and which ones use the same spacing for planning out how to harvest the most crops.

I also was never quite sure with some of the produce on when the best time to harvest was, and the author does a simple explanation to ensure success in keeping production going through the growing season.

I liked the idea of making inexpensive trellises for the growing vines like cucumbers and tomatoes to avoid using too much of my tiny garden space. However, the PVC pipe trellises are not very aesthetically pleasing to me, so I am going to probably use wood instead.

For avid gardeners, this book gives ideas for homemade compost, natural herbicides, and how to make a greenhouse. It is more a hobby for me and a way to save a few dollars on produce my family enjoys to eat, so I skimmed over many sections in this book for now. I am looking forward to taking a few new things I have learned from More Food From Small Spaces and implementing them in a few weeks after the last frost. It makes me happy to see things grow from seeds and to see my family eating the fruits of our labor. I plan to save my plans here on the blog so I can refer back to them next year and tweak them accordingly. But first, I have to get out there and turn over the soil and clean out the beds. Happy Gardening!