About Me

Hello.  My name is Terri and here are some things that make me who I am:

– First and foremost, I am a person who has put her faith and trust in Jesus Christ to guide my life. So, the things I talk about and share are hopefully a reflection of this relationship. My faith is not separate from who I am. I am thankful to be saved by grace and a child of God.Christmasfamilyphoto

-I am a wife of 21 years to a man that sacrificially loves me and seeks unity and peace for our family. He is silly, makes me laugh, and generally keeps me grounded.

-I am a mother to three. I had to say goodbye to our first at birth, but he is never forgotten. My two other joys are 16 and 13 and keep me extremely busy! I have been home educating them for 9 years now and feel blessed to be able to have this time with them. My son graduates this year, so things will be changing before long.

-I am an avid reader who loves to teach, mentor, and encourage others to live lives of purpose, faith, and love. I love being with my family, walking in nature, studying Scripture, baking, decorating our home, being with young people, organizing, and writing about any and all of these things.